We, at St. Jude's High School do not believe in the Rank System and believe that all our children who excel should be rewarded.

All students from classes V to-VII securing 92% and above will qualify for General Proficiency Award. The aggregate will be made on the Seven Elective subjects only.

Students from classes VIII to IX will need to secure 90% and above and students from classes XI will need to secure 86% and above. There will be only one Award for the I.C.S.E. / I.S.C. topper.

Attendance – Students having 100% yearly attendance will be given Awards for "Attendance"

Good Conduct - Students who display excellent moral behaviour and respect will be awarded for "Good Conduct".

Awards are also given for the varied Sports, Games and Extra Curricular Activities held during the year.

Merit Cards

Merit Cards will be issued for individual elective subjects after the First and Final Terminal Examination. Students who qualify are to collect their Merit Cards within two weeks after the School reopens. Merit Cards will be issued to all students who achieve the following marks in the Terminal / Final Examination- The marks include the Unit / Project and Terminal marks.

Class V to VI I 92% and above

Class VIII to IX 90% and above

Classes XI 86 % and above

Extra Curricular Activities

We do not confine the educational diet solely to classrooms activities. We believe in ensuring a full range of extra - curricular activities is available to all pupils.

St. Jude's High School values extracurricular activities and encourages students to become involved. These activities are held during school hours and after school and on weekends, when a large number of school fixtures are played.

The activities range from Games like Football, Cricket, Drama, Music, Dance, Chess and Activity Clubs etc. There is a chance to get involved in Creative Writing or Writing for the School Magazine. St. Jude's High School believes that extracurricular activities are an important part of a child's education and new clubs are added every year. There are many day trips throughout the year to museums, theatres, etc.

Visits and field Trips

We consider that a child's education can be greatly enriched, both educationally and socially, by suitable well - planned visits and field trips. These are often linked to classroom work and all school trips are well staffed and much care is taken in planning and supervision. Parents are informed about all the necessary details prior to the visit/trip.

Council Rules & Syllabus

It is compulsory for all students of Classes IX to XII to have a copy of the I.C.S.E / I.S.C. Regulation and Syllabus' and `Scope of Syllabus. Kindly purchase the same for the year you are appearing for your I.C.S.E/ I.S.C. board examination.


Homework is a central part of St. Jude's High School's educational philosophy. All Departments set it regularly for all students and those of our students who have attained high academic success have got into the habit early of working hard at home.

This is an area of school life where parents have an important role and we earnestly request you to take an interest in your son or daughter's homework. Every child is issued with a "Student Diary" to enable him/her to record and plan homework tasks. There is space in the booklet for parents to comment on the homework.

Homework is an important part of the student's education and parents are asked to be actively involved. Every parent should see that the child's homework is done regularly.

This can be done by asking to see the Student Diary every day. Written work is only one type of homework, all alternatives are equally important.

School Diary

The School Diary is a record concerning the student; therefore every student should take special care to bring it to his/her class every day. The student on written request only can purchase a duplicate School Diary from the School with the permission of the Principal. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged if the student has lost the original diary.

School Hours

Summer Timing Winter Timing
(From 01-02 to 15-11) (From 16-11 to 31-01)
11-05 A.M. to 4-30 P.M. 11-05 A.M. to 4-15 P.M.

Attendance / Late Comings

It is very important that children are regular and punctual.

The start of each session is generally when instructions for the day's work are given. Children need to feel settled, secure and know what they are doing.. `Morning Assembly is at 11-05 a.m. after which a child is marked late. If your ward is late for the assembly, kindly report to the Office where the reasons can be noted by the Sr. Co-ordinator. Only valid reasons will be entertained. Children reporting more than three days late in a month will be sent home. Parents are requested NOT to send their wards to school if they are late for more than three days.

If a child is absent or late without a valid reason, an unauthorised absence is recorded.

If your child is absent, for whatever reason, please send a letter on his / her return record the same in the school Diary.

It is essential that we are informed of the reasons in advance when children do not attend school.

If a student's attendance is less than 75%, he / she will automatically need to repeat the class.

Private Tuitions

We do not encourage Private Tuitions. However, if a child is very weak the Parent / Guardian requires the permission of the Principal to take private tuitions from any teacher of the school for their wards.

Caution Money

Parents must apply for the caution deposit along with their application for Transfer Certificate enclosing the original receipt of the caution deposit. No refund of Caution Money deposit will be made if an application is made after the new session starts the year the child is leaving the school.

School Discipline

Visitors to the school frequently remark on its calm and orderly atmosphere. We expect high standards of behaviour. Misconduct, inadequate effort are firmly dealt with through our Positive Discipline system, and more importantly, we try to ensure that smart work and extra efforts are encouraged, praised and rewarded. When parents accept a place at St. Jude's High School for their children, they also agree:

To accept the school's discipline policy and procedures.

To ensure that their children attend school in proper school uniform.

The message to the child is simple: treat adults and other students with consideration and respect at all times; and remember that the school in there to help you learn and to achieve success. You and your teachers are partners in trying-to get the best for you out of your education. We need your cooperation if the partnership is to work.

Promotion Criteria


40% marks in English and 40 % on the aggregate.


At least 40% in English & 2nd language/ Environment Education and 40% and in the followings subjects (a) Mathematics, (b) Second Language, (c) Science (Average of Physics, Chemistry, Biology), (d) History Geography / Civics (Average of these subjects) and in the SEVENTH subject in this group and a Pass Grade in S.U.P.W. and 40% on the aggregate.


40% marks in English, Environment Education and five other subjects and a Pass Grade in S.U.P.W.

N.B.: The following conditions strictly apply:

A minimum of 80% attendance in the year.

Promotion in Classes V to XI is decided on the whole year's assessment.

The school will not keep on its rolls any pupil who has failed Two Years consecutively in the same class.

School Library

The student can read Newspapers, Magazines in the library room during the breaks.

Absolute silence is to be maintained in the library.

Misuse of books or tearing pages in any books or magazines or taking books away without the permission of the librarian should be strictly avoided.

Students of Class III onwards can borrow books from the library for two weeks, failing to return within two weeks a fine of Re. l/-per day will be needed to be paid.

Any damage or loss of books, will lead to the payments of the total cost of the books/(s). The discretion of the Management on the price of the book is final.

The students and the staff are not allowed to touch the books in the library without the permission of the librarian.

Withdrawals / Transfer Certificate

Two calendar months notice before the end of the term must be given in writing for the withdrawal of the child from the new session. However, one month's notice will be accepted with one month's tuition fees.

T.C.'s applied for within a month before the end of the term would require a payment of 3 months tuition fees. T.C.'s applied for once the session starts would require a payment of 12 months tuition fees.

Transfer Certificates will be issued only after all dues are cleared. Transfer Certificates will not be issued to those students who leave midterm unless full year tuition fees are paid.

Students collecting their T.C. before the end of the term, the promotion column would state - "studying in Class ___

Transfer Certificate will also be issued to any child on the following grounds:

* If the student fails in the same class for two consecutive years.

* If the student is found smoking / taking drugs in school uniform.

* If the student is found to be detrimental to the interest of the school.

School Transport

The school is not responsible for the buses which arrange transport for children to school. However, the school authorities work in tandem with the Bus Authorities to make the child's journey smooth and comfortable.

Identity Card

Students must carry their Identity Card to School every day. The I.D. card is compulsory when a child wants to enter the school library.


Every student must wear a clean, complete and correct uniform daily. Parents must take special care to see that the students leave home in full school uniform. Uniform is compulsory for all activities, both curricular and co-curricular, on instruction days as well as non – instruction days. Defaulters may be sent home. Whenever the complete or correct uniform cannot be worn, permission to attend school must be obtained on the Regularity Record under "Uniform". The Uniform is a sacred attire. Any form of disrespect shown towards the uniform such as wilful soiling, tearing of ones own or that of another, writing on the uniform etc. is a serious offence and disciplinary action will follow.

The specifications regarding school uniform must be strictly adhered to by parents and students. No one is allowed any liberty in this regard. The Uniform is as follows:

For Class IV: School Days


Grey and White Check frock

White ankle length socks with grey border

Plain black leather shoes

Boys :

Grey and White half check shirt and Grey Shorts

White ankle length socks with grey border

For Class IV: P.T. Uniform

Girls : House coloured frock and white canvas shoes

Boys : House coloured T – Shirt and white shorts with White canvas shoes

For Classes V – X: School Days


Grey and White half check shirt and Grey skirt

White ankle length socks with Grey border

Plain black leather shoes

Boys :

Grey and White half check shirt and Grey Pants

White ankle length socks with grey border

Black leather shoes

For Class V – VIII: P.T. Uniform


House coloured T-Shirt and White Skirt

White Canvas Shoes

White Slacks

Boys :

House coloured T-Shirt and White long pants

White Canvas Shoes

For Classes XI – XII: School Days


White half sleeve shirt and Grey Skirt

White ankle length socks with Grey border

Plain black leather shoes

Boys :

White half sleeved shirt with Grey Pant

White ankle length socks with grey border

Black leather shoes

For Winter Months:

Girls (IV – VI) Grey sleeveless / sleeved V – Neck pullover and white slacks

(VII – XII) Navy Blue blazer and white slacks

Boys (IV – VI) Grey sleeveless / sleeved V – Neck pullover and grey full pant.

(VII – XII) Navy Blue Blazer

To ensure uniformity the following items of the school uniform must be obtained from the school stockist only. NO OTHER SHADE OF MATERIAL WILL BE ALLOWED.

- SJHS Monogram should be stitched on the left side of the shirt pocket

- School tie, belt and badges are available at the school itself.


Girls are not allowed to wear any form of jewellery except for stud earrings. Girls should have their hair tied in one pleat only. The boys should not have their hair falling below their shirts collar.

Personal Property

Children must not bring valuable possessions into school, as the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damages to personal property. Mobile Phones Are Strictly Prohibited Within The School Premises.

Payment of Fees

1. Fees are to be paid to the counter of the Bank recommended by the school between 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

2. Payment by Cheque/Cash will be accepted till the 15th, thereafter a late fee of Rs. 25/- will be charged till the end of the current month and Re 1/- per day from the first of the next month is to be charged. OUTSTATION CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

3. Fees paid by cheque must be made for a minimum period of three months; otherwise cheque payment will not be accepted. The Cheque should be made payable to "ST. JUDE'S HIGH SCHOOL" with the Pupil's Name, Class and Regn. Number written at the back.

4. If the fee book is lost, Rs.50/- will be charged for a new one.

5. The entries in the fees book have to be filled in ball pen only by the student/ guardian.

6. The Late Fees should be entered exactly at the time of payment. If late Fees are calculated wrongly, a fine of Rs. 100/- per month will be charged till when detected.

7. Fees for September / October and February / March must be paid by 15th September and 15th February respectively.

8. Please don't forget to fill the Regn. No. / Name/ Class of the Child.


10. Bank Charges: Rs. 500/- for every dishonoured cheque.

11. Pupils with fees concession will pay their fees to the School Cash office between 10 A.M. to 12 noon on Tuesdays / Thursday only.


Lost Property

If an item is clearly marked with the owner's name, our task of returning it is made easy. We cannot hold unmarked items for more than a week. Children are welcome to look for lost items at break times or at the end of school, Parents are welcome to come in and look for themselves if they wish on Saturdays only.

Reality Shows

Students of St. Jude's High School are strictly forbidden to take part in any Reality Shows. Any student found doing so will be immediately expelled from the School.

Parking and Road Safety

We ask for your co-operation in trying to ensure our children's safety at the beginning and end of each school day. We request our parents to refrain from parking in front of the School Area.

Please exercise extreme caution at all times when picking up or leaving your children. Parents'/ Guardians' are requested to kindly co-operate with the school authorities and local residents.


In all correspondence with the school, parents should mention the full name of the pupil together with the class and section in which he / she is studying.

Any changes of address should be promptly notified to the school

Parent / Guardian are not to go to the class to see their children / ward or meet teachers during school hours. They may arrange to see their children only through the Principal's office and not directly. An appointment with the teacher may be made through the office.

The Principal will be available for interviews by prior appointment only.

Presents or gifts to the staff or demonstrations in their honour are not permitted; collections for any purpose whatsoever can be made only with the permission of the Principal.

Pupils are not permitted to leave the school during school hours without special permission from the Principal.

No food-stuff should be purchased by the pupils from the vendors outside the school gate.

On their way to and from school, all pupils are expected to behave in a proper manner. All pupils must be tidy in dress and no student should enter or leave the school premises unless he / she is in school uniform.

St. Jude's High School Calender

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