Prefects Council

The Prefects' Council is the democratically elected, representative body of the entire student community. The Students Council forms the core of the S.J.H.S. student's community gaining independence as they practice self discipline, cooperation, team spirit and responsibility. They organize several-co-curricular events through the year and also coordinate the student volunteer effort for the school events. The objective of this council is to develop leadership qualities, management abilities and social skills amongst the students.

The Prefects' Council comprises of the School Captain, School Vice – Captain, House Captains, House Vice – Captains, House – Coordinators and Prefects. The members of the Prefects' Council work together as a team to uphold the rules and regulations of the school and to help maintain discipline.

School Captain : Dipayan Mistry
Vice – Captain : Anupama Das
Co-Ordinator : Debrup Bhattacharya

St. Andrew's House

Captain : Kuntal Sarkar XII, Sci
Vice – Captain : Akash Sharma XII Sci
Co-Oordinator : Ashmita Banerjee XII, Sci
  : Sudipa Das XI, Sci
Prefect : Rudrarup Roy XII, Com
    Aniket Podder XII, Com
    Argyadip Mondal  XII, Sci
    Abhishek Das XII, Sci
    Sweta Ghosh  XII, Com
    Mughdyomoy Dasgupta XI, Sci
    Monalisa Guha  X, A
    Ankita Ghosh  X, B
    Pratik Khan    X, A
    Mansij Banerjee  X, B
    Arina Guha IX, A
    Kriti Biswas  IX, B
    Sibashish Paul   IX
    Preetam Bhowmick VIII
    Aryan Chatterjee  XI
    Supratim Bhattacharya VII, A
    Sohom Roy  VII, B
    Debarya Das    VII, B
    Aratrika Bhattacharya VI, B
    Debadrito Chakraborty VI, D

St. Patrick's House

Captain : Biswajit Paul XII, Com
Vice – Captain : Swagata Bose XI, Sci
Co-Ordinator : Mayank Soneja XII, Com
  : Ahana Chakraborty XI, Com
Prefects : Sohini Das XII, Com
    Priyanka Prasad XII, Sci
    Diptarka Ghosh XII, Sci
    Sampuran Dutta XII, Com
    Tushar Paul XI, Com
    Anurupa Das Gupta XI, Sci
    Aratrika Dey X, B
    Akanksha Datta X, B
    Sukanya Das X, B
    Anik Roy IX, A
    Aurna Sen IX, B
    Ankita Das IX, C
    Surendra Jha VIII, A
    Soumyadeep Mondal VIII, A
    Raj Bhowmick VIII, B
    Kuldip Bag VII, B
    Sampurna Ghoshal VII, A
    Sandip Chakraborty VII, D
    Ayushman Dutta VI, A
    Aranika Chatterjee VI, A

St. David's House

Captain : Sreemoyee Datta XII, Sci
Vice – Captain : Anik Tarafdar XI, Sci
Co-Ordinator : Mrittika Dasgupta XII, Sci
  : Aishi Dhar Majumder   XI, Sci
Prefects : Sourav Ghosh XII
    Sanghita Dasgupta XII
    Sneha Biswas XI
    Apluta Majumder  XII
    Souvik Bairagya   XI
    Ankita Sen XI
    Sushmita Bhattacharya  XI
    Debparna Chakraborty  IX
    Avishikta Majumder IX
    Roshan Singh IX
    Shamie Dasgupta IX
    Rupam Dutta VIII
    Mayukh Mitra VIII
    Ankan Paul VIII
    Martin Joseph VIII
    Artita Ghosh VII
    Ayantika Banerjee VII
    Niaz Ahmed VII
    Adrija Bose VI
    Sneha Biswas     VI
    Martin Joseph VIII

St. George's House

Captain : Ahana Das XII, Sci
Vice – Captain : Saheli Bhattacharjee XI, Com
Co-Ordinator : Abhijnan Sarkar XII, Com
  : Ishani Banerjee XI, Sci
Prefects : Riya Paul XII, Com
    Ayush Kumar Shaw XII, Sci
    Portia Mukherjee XII, Sci
    Poulomi Roy XI, Sci
    Abhishek Dembla X, B
    Jayati Sanyal X, A
    Anirban Saha X, A
    Moumita Sen IX, B
    Laboni Sarkar IX, B
    Indira Roy IX, B
    Amreetap Mukherjee IX, B
    Shreya Chakraborty IX, C
    Adrita Bardhan VIII, A
    Shreya Paul VIII, A
    Satavisha Sur VIII, B
    Riddhima Majumder VII, C
    Tanisha Ghosh VII, A
    Atyankush Das VII, D
    Jishnu Chakraborty VII, A
    Rupsa Majumder VI, D

St. Jude's High School Calender

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