Integer Vitae

"Integer vitae scelerisque purus
non eget Mauris iaculis neque arcu
nec venenatis gravida sagittis,
Fusce, pharetra"

"The man who is pure of life, and free of sin,
has no need, dear Fuscus, for Moorish javelins,
nor a bow and a quiver, fully loaded
with poisoned arrows."

A true Judean is an emblem of purity and maturity. We at St. Jude's High School prepare a student to become matured individuals with human attitudes towards life. We try to seed humanity into these future citizens so that they bloom into colourful flowers tomorrow. A school is a miniature society where we inspire students to:

a. Work hard with values

b. Study sincerely

c. Have initiative

d. Love their work

e. Be exact and ethical

f. Have the spirit of conquest

g. Cultivate personality

h. Help and share with others

i. Be democratic and disciplined

j. Do their best

A symphony of these ten mannerisms can build up your "Integrated Life".

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