We do not confine the educational diet solely to classrooms activities. We believe in ensuring a full range of extra – curricular activities is available to all pupils.

St. Jude's High School values extracurricular activities and encourages students to become involved. These activities are held during school hours and after school and on weekends, when a large number of school fixtures are played.

The activities range from the usual Games like Football, Cricket, Drama, Music, Dance, Chess and Activity Clubs etc. There is a chance to get involved in Creative Writing or Writing for the School Magazine. St. Jude's High School believes that extracurricular activities are an important part of a child's education and new clubs are added each year. There are many day trips throughout the year to museums, theatres, etc.


Sportsmanship is a virtue that goes well with leadership, discipline, conduct and character. We at St. Jude's High School believe that active participation in sports is an essential ingredient for integrated development and life skills acquisition. The school encourages sports activity of any nature. Boys and girls are given equal opportunity to play, practice and harness their skills under the guidance of qualified coaches.

In-house sports activities are held as a measure to promote sports and encourage students' involvement in various types of sports activities. Coaches and physical education instructors have been employed to ensure greater and gainful participation in sports; football and cricket are some of the games highly popular among the students here. Equal emphasis is laid on physical fitness through exercises, and yoga and athletic events such as various forms of races, long jumps, shot put, tug-of-war, and aerobics.

Creative Arts

Every weekend students are to devote two to three hours to hobbies, during which they pursue creative and as those who practice dance gain in poise, charm and beauty.

Art, Craft and Kinetic Art Activity

The students use dried plant parts and colours to let loose their imagination on hand-made paper. These are then framed to be put up as decorative pieces.


The students use tin plates on which they are encouraged to draw their favourite cartoon or profiles. These are then hammered from the back to create pictures and painted with special kerosene-based colours.

Block Painting

The students use wooden blocks on tables covers, sarees and dupattas.

Performing Art

The benefits of dance are many-fold; they hone physical skills and shape mental abilities. Dance helps exercise almost every part of our body. We encourage students to take up dance in one form or the other. They can choose from Indian Classical-Bharatnatyam, Khathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi - Indian Folk and Fusion.

We have dedicated and gifted maestros in the faculty who not only ignite and enkindle but also sustain the musical spark in our students. The children are chosen according to their aptitude and artistic bent and trained in groups in different disciplines and instruments including drums, tabla, pakhawaj, congo, dholak, naal, bongo, guitar, sitar, violin, santoor, sarod, xylophone and mandolin, harmonium, piano and banjo. In vocal, there is Western and Hindustani - Classical and Light Fusion.

The school showcases its artistic finesse at events like inter-house talent contests, Founder's Day presentation, inter-school contests and by participation in many other events and competitions.

Visit and Field Trips

We consider that a child's education can be greatly enriched, both educationally and socially, by suitable well-planned visits and field trips. These are often linked to classroom work and all school trips are well staffed with much care taken in planning and supervision. Parents are informed to all the necessary details prior to the visit/trip.

St. Jude's School Calendar

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