Hands-on-work in laboratories are a vital ingredient in the learning of Science subjects; we have laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

We ensure that students gain all they can from these well equipped laboratories.

The Biology Lab

St. Jude's High School provides a 600 sq. feet Biology Laboratory which ensures a safe and secure environment. The laboratory helps in inducing scientific aptitude, keen observation, concise thinking, correct reasoning, proper interpretation and an analytical approach to a problem among students. The laboratory provides all necessary reagents, equipments and specimens according to syllabus prescribed by I.C.S.E. and I.S.C.

The I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. syllabus lays more emphasis on an experimental approach. This laboratory work is also included in class VI to VIII so as to develop the students' scientific skills and make learning science a pleasurable experience.

The Physics Lab

We have a large Physics Laboratory measuring approximately 900 sq. feet. The lab is very airy containing 5 windows from which sufficient light can enter which is essential for experiments on optics. We have sufficient instruments necessary for the practical purposes of classes VI onward and for the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. examinations. We have instruments which are valuable for a students learning that are not prescribed by the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. course material such as Spectrometer, Boyle's Law apparatus, Hope's apparatus etc. Our optical benches, which are required for ISC practical examinations, are most modern in design. We follow one student – one instrument policy in our laboratory.

The Chemistry Lab

"Chemistry without experimentation and observation is incomplete". Therefore we at St. Jude's High School, Madhyamgram, lay special emphasis on regular practical session right from class VI to Class – XII.

The chemistry laboratory is a perfect place for all the science students to develop and nurture their scientific skills.

The chemistry laboratory is a well – organized place for working which is aided by all chemicals, glassware and apparatus required for the experiments prescribed by ICSE and ISC curriculum.

The laboratory is well – lit and ventilated for comfortable working. With experienced teachers, well-maintained and updated laboratory equipments, we ensure to create the interest in chemistry through experiment as we follow a saying "seeing is believing".

The Maths Lab

All of us are familiar with a laboratory as used in teaching science subjects, but very recently; this idea has been extended to the teaching of mathematics. St. Jude's High School being the pioneer of excellence in education, through research and development, has changed the scenario of teaching mathematics from verbalistic use of words, without emphasis on meaning and practice – to proper understanding of mathematical language by actually participating in doing.

Here, in St. Jude's children participate in experiments, manipulate materials and models, use different instruments and are thus able to give meaning to verbalism in the Mathematics laboratory. Much of the mathematics comes to life for the child in laboratory situation. The Math lab is a room where children can explore with models, wall charts, mathematical instruments, slides, which we provide, we are able to build the students concept, develop a rational approach to problems and strengthen their logical and analytical skills.

Mathematics, in our school has become fun in the Math lab for students of the primary and middle school section as learning here is child centred and not teacher dominated.

St. Jude's School Calendar

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