Principal's Foreword

St. Jude's High School is a "Theatre of Dreams". We wish to bloom and grow with our wings.

Teaching, we believe is an art and every teacher needs to be an artist. This art can be best provided by a teachers' endeavour to satiate the curiosity a student. When I look back into the past 'years of experience' it urges me to look forward for more years of working with children. It is true that there have been challenges, moments, occasions to celebrate, time to reflect upon and of course disenchantment at times. Irrespective of all these, what has remained ingrained in me is the rich and rewarding years of accomplishment.

"Change" is the buzzword of the day. Routine is monotonous. We thus go for "Changes". With change comes variety and variety is the spice of life. The technological and pedagogical innovations lead us towards greater learning outcomes. With the prevalence of Gardener's theory on Multiple Intelligences, we re-orient our understanding to contemporary needs and take it down the line. With add-on reading available for teaching, learning, assessment, appraisal, we try to motivate and innovate on a regular basis. We follow the ICSE and ISC curriculum and try to bring out the best potential from every child. We believe that every child is unique. A typical classroom will have a Ramanujan, C.V. Raman, Rabindranath Tagore, M.F. Hussain, A.R. Rahman, and so on. We try to make students respond to different intelligences to make the classroom a vibrant one.

EdUcAtIOn – is an interesting word which includes all vowels in it. An educator in our school adds value to education. A child learning to have a positive attitude and positive approach is always a greater blessing to us.

We begin the day with a sonorous assembly, as well begun is half done. Assembly hour is a time for children of primary & secondary classes to improve on public speaking, be attitude plus, gain awareness about different issues, observe various days of international and national importance, respect cultural differences and finally stay confident.

Lower classes enjoy school with almost all their works done in school. The school offers various club Activities for Learning and Fun.

"Empowering every child" is our school motto. We have a student council "where Monitors Prefects, House Vice Captains, Captains are sharing responsibilities with teachers.

Academics do take top priority. This year we have installed smart boards for Digital Classes. Students are making a comprehensive coverage through E- learning. Teachers are efficiently facilitating in the process. Different strategies are recommended to teachers to suit the students level and subjects being taught. Classroom practices are observed and teachers appraised. After every assessment a follow-up of performance is made to keep track on the progress of children. This is done with respect to students and teachers.

Students enjoy "Science Learning" from our well equipped laboratories. The Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Home Science Laboratories cater to their needs.

Annual School concert is a matter of pride for every Judean. We reward the students with prestigious Awards namely Frank Stanley Correa Student of the year Award, Late Frank Correa Award, Late Alik Chatterjee Award, Late R. Chatterjee Award , Late P.R. Chakraborty Award, Late R. Quadra Award and so on and so forth. We encourage the budding talents of our kids.

Community services play a pivotal role in our school curriculum. Our students extend their warmth and love by feeding the destitute and needy. Students celebrate Founders' Day, Teachers Day and Childrens' Day at Missionaries of charity, khelaghar and various other places.

We have a Library full of the World of Knowledge. Story books, Encyclopedias, reference books, fictions and non-fictions encompass this vista of wisdom and knowledge.

Teachers are a primary asset that a school can have. We have a very efficient team working right from the Nursery level to class XII. When the teacher succeeds, the school succeeds.

I envisage children of the Google Age too to have interest and opportunity to learn. I am really grateful to Mr. Frank Stanley Correa our Founder Director and Mrs. Sanjukta Correa our present Director. They have played a major role in mentoring me. I had been nurtured by my colleagues as well. Above all, I am indebted to the members of the Management who had the trust in me and granted me the liberty to ideate and innovate in making a dream St. Jude's High School.

Aditi Chakraborty


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